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Lambeth Music Service

Lambeth Music Service, St Martins Youth Centre, 63 Christchurch Road

Web: www.lambethmusic.co.uk
Email: d.clarke@lambethmusic.co.uk
Tel: 020 7091 1240

The Lambeth Music Service was established in 2001 with a direct government Standards Fund grant. LMS works with the Lambeth Children and Young Peoples Service, other education organisations, funding bodies, charities and business partners to provide music education in the Borough.

Opening Times: mon to fri - 9am to 5pm, 9am to 2pm Sat

Age Range: 5-18



Web: www.rawmusicmedia.co.uk
Email: rawfuture@gmail.com
Tel: 020 77376103

Raw Material is a music and media education, training, development and production organization and registered charity based between Stockwell and Brixton, south London. The organization offers a wide range of courses, projects, services, events and touring across music, film, photography, design, visual arts, performance events, live music, touring and international collaborations. We specialize in work with children, young people, community groups, in mental health work, development with artists and the production and presentation of new work through events, touring and international projects. Raw Material offers a specialised and fully equipped centre on four floors, recording studios, rehearsal studio and workshop rooms.

Lambeth Music Centre

City Heights E-ACT Academy

Web: www.lambethmusic.co.uk
Email: tmcadmin@lambethmusic.co.uk
Tel: 02070911240

Lambeth Music Centre is based in Tulse Hill with over 500 members. It has become so popular that many classes now have waiting lists. LMC has a talented team of over 20 music teachers and four pastoral staff managed by Chris Williams and the LMS. It also has a great café run by the Friends of LMC for parents and carers.

Code 7 Ltd

First Floor, Springfield Community Centre, 110 Union Road

Web: www.code7charity.org
Email: code7music@live.co.uk
Tel: 020 7998 1531

Code 7 is a charity that provides multimedia and development projects, programmes and services free of charge for young people who have a passion for music. Code 7 unlocks the young people's talent and opens the door for them to transfer their passion into resourceful, marketable and employable skills. Our speciality in using the power of music to attract and engage all types of young people, especially those identified as hard to reach or engage, enables us to produce significant results for the young people. We provide engagement and training in positive music production, sound engineering, youth leadership and progression, active project volunteering, office administration and social capital youth development. Our methods for measuring outcomes and success are in line with the Governments National Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

Kinetika Bloco

c/o Registered Address: Flat 36 Monarch Court
N2 0RA

Web: www.kinetikabloco.co.uk
Email: tamzyn@kinetikabloco.co.uk
Tel: 07795142535

Kinetika Bloco is a performance group with an exuberant mix of brass, woodwind, steel pan, drummers and dancers creating a "unique new British Carnival Sound" (BBC Radio2). Our mission is to use music and dance as a tool to discover and unlock young people's potential - giving them opportunities they may not otherwise have to make a difference in their lives, their future and their city. We deliver an annual Summer School at Southbank Centre for 100 musicians and dancers aged 14-25 which young people can join. And a Junior Summer School for 60 young people aged 9-14 in Lambeth. We deliver large-scale School workshops with up to 100 young people, drumming, dance, music - great for a whole year group, black history month, gifted and talented: working together in a fun and inspiring way. We deliver after school clubs in schools in drumming, dance, steel pans and brass/woodwind music. We work in partnership, currently working with Saint Gabriel's College to provide One Big Band

Lambeth City Learning Centre

Rectory Grove

Web: www.lambethclc.org.uk
Email: info@lambethclc.org.uk
Tel: 02077207514

Lambeth CLC works with teachers to create extraordinary learning experiences for children, young people and families. We provide support for schools in the creative and effective use of new technologies and the arts, including music.

Brixton Wings

5 Irving Grove

Web: www.stockwellmusic.com
Email: Medg@btinternet.com
Tel: 0207 2745969

Brixton Wings is a parent led community organisation providing affordable and structured music lessons in Keyboards, Guitar and Drums for children aged seven and upwards. Classes are delivered on a weekly basis over three days at the South London YMCA, including Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Central to the programme is a focus on individual and collective learning with an emphasis on music theory, composition, practice and performance. Up to 50 children from Lambeth are currently registered on the programme.


232 streatham high rd,
SW16 4BB

Web: music4children.org
Email: events@music4children.org
Tel: 02086773341

Groove School run DJ and Music Technology Workshops at The Stables Workshop Space, part of the London home of Music4Children. The workshops are free and involve playing and listening to records and learning basic dj skills. Using record decks, DJ mixers and computers. Learning how to set-up, cue, fade, place a mix, put a set together and beatmatch; EQ, add Fx and an introduction to scratching. Incorporating multi-media programs and controllers to record and create sounds; loops, tracks and mixes. Opportunities to perform at local events and also to host your own radio cast. Please note: Participants have to be registered. To register or come for a trial session, email: info@grooveschool.co.uk

Opening Times: 5-7pm Tuesdays

Age Range: Age Range: 10-17


Office based at: MixPixie, Unit 15B, Baltimore House, Battersea Reach, Juniper Drive,
SW18 1TS

Web: www.singup.mixpixie.com
Email: pete.dupon@mixpixie.com
Tel: 02072288486

MixPixie has two separate partnerships with Sing Up and Making Music (www.makingmusicmix.org.uk) to encourage and promote music in schools and amateur groups. Our service offers choirs and groups the chance to create unique albums for their school or group - for free. The school can then sell their albums through the website (or at local events) and earn significant funds for the music department, schools or local community for each album sold. There is no minimum order quantity and MixPixie takes care of all the necessary music licenses. - "An excellent tool for promoting and raising the profile of singing on your school" - "A great idea which will really help raise funds for our department" - "Incredibly easy to use - we'll definitely use it again"


33A Paulet Road

Web: www.wiliymusic.com
Email: wiliymusicproduction@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 02073261615

Wiliy international Music production​ Coordinate and guide every aspect of music composition. This involves attention to detail in each individual process, from the composition itself through to engineering producing (recording, mixing and mastering). All Technical process is overseen by Mozess who manages a highly experienced team to achieve the best result for every project (high quality Music and Video productions). We welcome new bands that are keen in shooting their first Music Video, and all start –up artist singer (various genres: REGGAE, ROCK, HIP HOP, SALSA, ZOUK, R&B, etc…) with any kind of budget even with low ones. What matters to us is creativity and helping young artist to achieve their dream.


232 Streatham High Road
SW16 1BB

Web: www.grooveschool.co.uk
Email: info@grooveschool.co.uk
Tel: 07577810285

Groove School run DJ and Music Technology Workshops from The Streatham Stables Community Space. The workshops involve playing and listening to records and learning basic dj skills. Using record decks, DJ mixers and computers. Learning how to set-up, cue, fade, place a mix, put a set together and beatmatch; EQ, add Fx and an introduction to scratching. Incorporating multi-media programs and controllers to record and create sounds; loops, tracks and mixes. Opportunities to perform at local events and also to host your own radio cast. Please note: Participants have to be registered. To register or come for a trial session, email: info@grooveschool.co.uk or workshops@music4children.org For bookings and finding out more about Grooveschool and what we can offer for individuals, schools, or other organisations, please contact us via Email: info@grooveschool.co.uk or Phone: +44 (0) 7577 810 285

Opening Times: Tuesdays 5-7pm in term-time Other times subject to availability

Age Range: Ages 8-19 (25 young people with SEND)

London Music Masters - Bridge Project

Suite 325 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road

Web: www.londonmusicmasters.org
Email: sscott@londonmusicmasters.org
Tel: 020 7267 7982

The Bridge Project is an educational initiative which identifies and nurtures young children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments at a high level. Targeting socio-economically challenged inner-city boroughs, the project encourages children, their families and their communities to develop a life-long appreciation for classical music in all its varied forms. In particular, this project aims to help increase the ethnic and socio-economic diversity within professional music ensembles by reaching out to broader communities from a young age and preparing them to participate and succeed in the world of classical music.

Howarth of London Ltd (Education Dept)

31-37 Chiltern Street

Web: www.howarth.uk.com
Email: education@howarth.uk.com
Tel: 01903 239219

Howarth of London was established in 1948 and is internationally known as a maker of the finest oboes, oboes d'amore, cors anglais. Howarth is also one of the world's leading suppliers of woodwind instruments. The London showrooms are a bustling meeting point for players, with a comprehensive range of woodwind accessories, sheet music and full repair services. Howarth have been at the forefront of developing appropriate instruments so younger children can make the best start on a woodwind instrument. The Howarth Mini-bassoon was launched in 1999 and is now well established; the Howarth Junior oboe was launched in 2007 and is demonstrating similar success. In 2010 Howarth developed the Junior flute in partnership with Lambeth Music service, to meet their specific demands in the Musitrax programme.

The Voices Foundation

34 Grovenor Gardens

Web: www.voices.org.uk
Email: vf@voices.org.uk
Tel: 02077306677

National charity The Voices Foundation is all about singing. Not in the music-making, or performing, sense… but as an effective medium for delivering a high quality music curriculum, involving every teacher and every child. By training non-specialist primary teachers to teach music - through singing - with skill and confidence, we support schools in helping their pupils to develop strong musicianship skills, and to enjoy all the additional benefits which singing can bring. The “Voices Foundation effect” can be transformational, with feedback like the example below received time and again from headteachers and staff taking our training: “The fantastic in-service training we have had from The Voices Foundation has changed us from being a school which relied on one or two people who 'did singing', into a true 'singing school', where we all enjoy our sessions with the children.” We also run off-site courses of varying lengths, and provide user-friendly, high quality

Age Range: Primary-level (5-11) in the main; also Early Years (0-5).

Sound and Music

Somerset House, Strand

Web: www.soundandmusic.org
Email: judith.robinson@soundandmusic.org
Tel: 020 7759 1800

Sound and Music promotes challenging contemporary music and sound art through a range of projects, incorporating live events, learning, artist development, and digital platforms. We embrace complexity and risk-taking and invite the audience to listen in new ways. Our ambition is to reach as broad an audience as possible by providing opportunities to experience the enormous diversity of work in this area and different approaches to creating, producing and presenting it. Simply, we want more people to discover the joy and rewards of listening. People come to contemporary music and sound art from many different directions – actively seeking out the new, by accident, or through other forms and genres. SAM encourages people to embark on such a journey, as well as helping guide

Southbank Sinfonia

St John's Waterloo, Waterloo Road

Web: www.southbanksinfonia.co.uk
Email: info@southbanksinfonia.co.uk
Tel: 02079210370

Southbank Sinfonia is an orchestra of young professionals described by the Times as ‘a dashing ensemble who play with exhilarating fizz, exactness and stamina’. With its home at St John's Church, Waterloo, Southbank Sinfonia runs a growing programme of creative learning event across London and beyond but focusing particularly on the local community. Give your aspiring instrumentalists an unforgettable boost sitting side-by-side in workshops, rehearsals or performances with the vibrant young players of Southbank Sinfonia. See the benefit of interaction with youthful professionals at an individual level on each desk in ensemble projects with special focus on shortage instruments as required. Children at all levels of musical engagement will be inspired to explore further and higher through short-term projects which complement existing music education provision. Light a musical spark among larger groups by coming along to our free, open rehearsals and community concerts.

Department of Music, Goldsmiths

New Cross
SE14 6NW

Web: www.gold.ac.uk
Email: goldmusnet@gold.ac.uk
Tel: 020 7919 7644

GoldMusNet is a network of Goldsmiths-linked organizations supporting music educationm, especially in South London. GoldMusNet develops music education by working with teachers, practitioners and Goldsmiths Alumni. Through networking and participatory events, we create a supportive hub of information and models of action to support the teaching of music at all levels. We feel that by leading a strong coalition of arts and music groups, we contribute to the UK's wider musical education.

In Harmony Lambeth

Wheatsheaf Hall 
Wheatsheaf Lane (off South Lambeth Road)

Web: www.inharmonylambeth.co.uk
Email: info@inharmonylambeth.co.uk
Tel: 07736 472 591​

 In Harmony Lambeth (IHL) was launched in 2009 inspired by the Venezuelan El Sistema Programme. It is primarily a social action programme which encourages the pursuit of musical excellence to enrich the lives of children, young people, families and the wider community around the Stockwell and Vauxhall area. IHL engages with children and young people through its immersive programme to help realise a range of outcomes including: -The ability to work effectively as part of a team 
-Confidence, pride and aspiration 
 -Mature social skills 
-Leadership skills
 -Increased self-esteem
 These outcomes will enable children and young people to have more choice as the grow up, helping them to lead successful, and most importantly, happy lives!
Every day after school, 150 musicians of all ages come together to make music in various orchestras. choirs and ensembles.

Community Youth London

Unit 3a Juno Way
SE14 5RW

Web: cyltd.org
Email: info@cyltd.org
Tel: 02086919191

Community Youth London – CYL is an independent music and media charity, which manages a variety of community-based services and initiatives, the majority of which are youth-oriented and led. Our charity became operational in January 2007 and quickly gained a positive reputation for our targeted work with young people, our approach to diversity and our innovative services. In the time since inception, CYL has grown from a vision to a reputable charity with an impressive track record and a growing database of over 22,000+ young people across London. A key feature of our approach is that of empowerment and ownership. Many of our activities are youth led and managed, whilst guided and supported by industry professionals, experienced tutors and peer mentors. We involve young people in all aspects of our work and the voices of young people are well represented through our Youth Management Committee – YCM. We have received much recognition for our work and achievements; CYL ha

Music Therapy Lambeth

9, Talmage Close Forest Hill
SE23 3AE

Web: www.musictherapylambeth.org.uk
Email: info.mtl@btinternet.com
Tel: 07946385224

Music Therapy Lambeth is a voluntary sector organisation committed to providing a quality Music Therapy service within -but not restricted to- the London borough of Lambeth. Our service is mainly based in children's centres, nurseries and schools but we are happy to work wherever a clear level of need is established. Children are usually referred for Music Therapy via the SENCo - Special Educational Needs Coordinator- within their school. Funding is either through our project based work or directly from the schools themselves. We will also advise and support schools about finding funding for our services. Please see our website for more details. www.musictherapylambeth.org.uk

Academy of St Martin in the Fields

4th Floor, 8 Baltic Street East

Web: www.asmf.org
Email: outwardsound@asmf.org
Tel: 020 7702 1377

The Academy of St Martin in the Fields is one of the world's leading chamber orchestras. The ensemble produce concerts in London, the UK and across the globe and are one of the most recorded orchestras in the world. The orchestra was founded by Sir Neville Marriner and has as its music director the acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell. The orchestra is committed to sharing its musicality and spirit with other aspiring musicians of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, and it achieves this through its Outward Sound programme. Outward Sound regularly provides opportunities for young instrumentalists, vulnerable adults, lifelong learners, young professionals and families to play alongside our musicians, and or be inspired by them through creative projects, open rehearsals, inclusive concerts and talks. To find out more about the events and opportunities offered by Outward Sound, please visit our website www.asmf.org/outwardsound.

Southwark Youth Orchestra

Business and Learning Centre, Cator Street
SE15 6AA

Web: www.southwarkmusicservice.org.uk
Email: xanthe@southwarkmusicservice.org.uk
Tel: 07889209826

The Southwark Youth Orchestra, run by Southwark Music Service, has been established for several years now. Southwark now works in formal partnership with Lambeth, Lewisham and Greenwich as these four boroughs have joined forces to form the South Riverside Music Partnership. As a result, we are now able to invite Lambeth pupils to take part in SYO. SYO rehearse during half term and have lots of opportunities to perform. This year we have upcoming performances at the South Bank with the South Bank Sinfonia and an LPO Funharmonics event, plus the orchestra will be premiering a brand new composition commissioned especially for them that will be recorded and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. SYO has a Grade 5 minimum entry standard. Courses cost just £25 with further concessions for FSM pupils available. Lambeth applications warmly welcomed.

South London Youth Orchestra

Jasspa at James Allen's Girls' School, East Dulwich Grove,
SE22 8TE

Web: www.jasspa.org.uk
Email: jasspa.slyo@jags.org.uk
Tel: 020 8613 6444

South London Youth Orchestra is an orchestral experience designed to nurture and train young musicians to be inspired orchestral players, encouraging them to perform to their highest abilities. SLYO is not one orchestra but a family of orchestras each offering vision, ambition and excellence. At the heart of our organisation are professional conductors, outstanding tuition from the best musicians in the profession and fine repertoire. Serving the diverse and wide communities of South London our collaborating orchestras work with beginners to advanced students aged 7-19. History: SLYO was launched in Dulwich in August 2010. We now have over 200 members from across South London attending our holiday courses during the Summer, Christmas and Easter. With SLYO you can expect life-long friendships, leadership and artistic collaboration with an underlying aim to bring a fresh musical experience to the heart of South London.

Groove Attack Drumming

20A Sackville Gardens, Ilford

Web: www.grooveattack.co.uk
Email: grooveattackdrumming@gmail.com
Tel: 07876 496553

We provide drumming lessons and emsemble activities in schools.

Lambeth Live Explosion

33 Abbots Park

Web: www.lambethmusic.co.uk/news/liveexplosion.asp
Email: o.bayley@lambethmusic.co.uk
Tel: 020 7091 1240

Lambeth Live Explosion is a youth based Live performance opportunity for 11-18 year olds who either live, attend school, play in LMS contemporary ensembles or who are supported by partner orgasnisations in Lambeth. Concerts are held at a professional music venue in Lambeth on a tri-yearly basis. The concerts are attended by family and friends of the performers.

Heritage Music and Caswells Strings

The Old Chapel, Banbury Road
NN13 6BA

Web: caswells-strings.co.uk
Email: sales@caswellsstrings.com
Tel: 01280707140

We are a specialist music shop with two separate departments - Strings and all related accessories and Brass and Woodwind instruments. We view setting up and pre-servicing of instruments as very important and offer educational discounts to Authorities and their students. We send instruments on approval to students and

Opening Times: 8AM-5PM Monday to Friday

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance

King Charles Court, Old Royal Naval College
SE10 9JF

Web: www.trinitylaban.ac.uk
Email: h.hendry@trinitylaban.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8304 4367

Trinity Laban is a leading conservatoire for professional music and contemporary dance training. Part of our mission is to widen participation in music and dance learning. Our outreach, inreach, Centres for Advanced Training and CPD programmes engage 1,000s of young people, adults, teachers, musicians and organisations each year. They include Animate Orchestra and the PG Cert/Dip The Teaching Musician. We are a partner in the South Riverside Music Partnership which aims to extend access to high quality music education across Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich through a collaboration between Music Hubs, Trinity Laban and the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Herne Hill Music Festival

℅ 20 Elfindale Road
SE24 9NW

Web: hernehillfestival.org
Email: MusicalDirector@hernehillfestival.org
Tel: 0795 127 1724

The Festival takes lace in October each year at a range of venues around Herne Hill, in both Lambeth and Southwark. The Festival includes performance of Classical music, Jazz, Folk and Blues, and also events aimed at young people and children. Each year we carry out a project with the Tippett Music Centre, which culminates in the performance of a new piece of music written especially for the occasion.

Forecast Academy

Lambeth College Clapham, 45 Clapham Common SouthSide

Web: www.forecastacademy.co.uk
Email: hello@forecastacademy.co.uk
Tel: 02083332706

Have you ever wanted to be taught an Acting Through Song masterclass by West End leads Julie Atherton or Ashleigh Gray? To write songs with Soul Singer/Songwriter and Mark Ronson vocalist Tawiah? To dance the steps of award winning West End choreographer Adam Scown? To be guided in comedy acting from E4 hit series Phoneshop and Family Tree's Tom Bennett (aka Newman)? To perform to the public regularly within our amazing auditorium? And to meet more people like you who share your passion for the performing arts? Forecast Academy brings you those opportunities, and more. We're a Saturday Performing Arts school in Clapham, that offers weekly training to 13-20 year olds in acting, singing and dance, in addition to providing workshops and masterclasses from leading industry professionals. We accept applications throughout the year, just visit our website to apply and book your visit.

Opening Times: 1pm-5pm on Saturdays within term times.

Age Range: 13 - 20


1 Northside, Clapham Common

Web: www.omnibus-clapham.org
Email: enquiries@omnibus-clapham.org
Tel: 0207 498 4699

Following a 7 year campaign to save the Old Clapham library building for community use, Omnibus was given a lease by Lambeth Council to create a new arts centre for the area. OUR MISSION To create an iconic new destination for the arts in Lambeth that enriches the lives of a diverse range of local people. To accomplish this mission we aim to: ■Create an inspirational artistic hub with a vibrant programme of all forms of theatre, music, art and design. ■Provide an inspiring and stimulating place for local people to meet each other, participate in cultural activities and be given a platform to present their own work. ■Develop this iconic building as a space that embraces the best in professional, community and educational work. Omnibus believes that the people of Lambeth deserve to have the very best of the arts, at reasonable prices and on their doorstep. Our ambition is to provide a fantastic experience that is affordable and attractive to all the community: an arts c

Centre for Young Musicians

Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road

Web: cym.org.uk
Email: geoff@cym.org.uk
Tel: 020 7928 3844

A specialist Saturday music school for children aged 8 to 18, the Centre for Young Musicians (CYM) is a division of the Guildhall School and a Centre for Advanced Training within the Government's Music & Dance Scheme. CYM provides progressive instrumental & vocal training from a team of highly experienced London teachers and professional musicians. There are over 80 ensembles on a Saturday ranging from string quartets to orchestras, Dance Band, folk ensembles and choirs. The Centre also administers the London Schools Symphony Orchestra and London Youth Wind Band and runs Junior & Intermediate Holiday Courses in the summer vacation. Entry to the Saturday Centre is by audition with an emphasis on musical potential rather than actual levels of achievement. Students can join the Centre at any age. CYM strives to provide access to all irrespective of the ability to pay and is supported by its charity funraising body the Foundation for Young Musicians.

Sound Connections

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA

Web: www.sound-connections.org.uk
Email: info@sound-connections.org.uk
Tel: 020 7729 7220

Sound Connections develops, supports & empowers young Londoners through high quality music-making opportunities. We do this by delivering groundbreaking participatory music projects, providing professional development to music organisations and practitioners, and undertaking high quality action research and advocacy to promote best practice in music education. We bring together organisations and practitioners working across four key music specialisms: Challenging Circumstances, Early Years, Youth Voice and Singing.


135 Wavertree Rd

Web: www.soothsayers.net
Email: robinhopcraft@hotmail.com
Tel: 07810838154

Soothsayers is a music organisation and performing group run by experienced music professionals Robin Hopcraft (BA/PGCE) and Idris Rahman (BA Mus). Soothsayers are committed to providing high quality education projects and performances to young people . Over the last year Soothsayers have been collaborating with a number of London based projects educating and developing young people. They delivered a highly successful Afrobeat workshop at Brixton based Raw Material in the summer of 2013. Soothsayers musicians designed and delivered a 3 week long summer school at Hoxton Hall in Shoreditch. As well as this, Soothsayers are currently working with Vital Regeneration on a music remix project and video production course for young people based in North West London. Soothayers have also worked in an array of secondary and special schools delivering effective and inspiring music workshops. …..“An impressive mosaic of Afrobeat, dub and funky fusion…dynamic volleys of call and respons

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain Somerset House, South Building

Web: www.nyo.org.uk
Email: n.comer@nyo.org.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 7759 1880

Every year, 165 talented teenagers from all corners of the country join forces to achieve something extraordinary. They reawaken classical music, reinvigorating great repertoire with fresh energy and resonance. They generate tremendous team spirit and remind us all of the exhilarating rewards that come from hard work, dedication and following their dreams. Everyone who sees them in action agrees the NYO presents a luminous portrait of the youth of today.

Pegasus Opera Company

The Brix, St Matthews, Brixton Hill

Web: www.pegasus-opera.net
Email: sonia@pegopera.org
Tel: 02075019501

Pegasus Opera Company is the leading professional multi-racial mid-scale touring Opera Company in the U.K. and was founded in 1992 by its artistic director, Lloyd Newton. The Company creates opportunities for young professional singers from all backgrounds to develop and perform in high quality and innovative opera productions, thus preparing them for national and international houses. Pegasus feels that it is only through the nurturing of these diverse talents that a new form of cultural harmony can be achieved. This harmony encourages talent equally without regard to cultural heritage or ethnic background. The Company also seeks to demystify opera by making it accessible to as wide an audience as possible, actively involving a cross-section of the community. This includes programming an accessible range of works and touring to a variety of medium-sized venues, providing an education programme and developing new audiences through special workshops and outreach programmes

School Ground Sounds

14 Henderson Rd
SW18 3RR

Web: www.schoolgroundsounds.co.uk
Email: schoolgroundsounds@gmail.com
Tel: 07717673999

School Ground Sounds is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to championing and showcasing talented musicians from London schools. It was launched in January 2014 and sessions are filmed from The Elmgreen School studio. Our vision for SGS is that it should become a sustainable social enterprise, inspiring and supporting the development of musical talent in secondary schools.

ESTA (European String Teachers Association)

61 Worlds End Lane, Weston Turville, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5RX.

Web: www.estastrings.org.uk
Email: sheila.holdsworth@gmail.com
Tel: 0845 241 2198

ESTA is a European Association for violin, viola, cello and double-bass players and teachers who are concerned with improving the quality of music education. There are flourishing branches in most European countries, of which ESTA British Branch is the largest. ESTA's Aims & Objectives To promote the highest artistic and pedagogic standards among string teachers and students To promote lifelong high quality learning of stringed instruments open to all To provide a professional association for string teachers and players To sponsor the study of all phases of string playing and teaching To provide local and national forums for the exchange of ideas To provide information, support and guidance for all string teachers, both experienced and less experienced To promote conferences, workshops, lectures, discussion and collaborations with other organisations To sponsor publications supporting ESTA's wider aims

music making SENse

107 Blackshaw Road
SW17 0BU

Web: www.musicmakingsense.com
Email: info@musicmakingsense.com
Tel: 07841705613

Music Making SENSE is a music education organisation dedicated to providing accessible, inspiring, engaging and bespoke learning programmes for schools with students with additional needs. Through our programmes we enable our students to learn an instrument, compose and perform their own music, play in a band or orchestra; whatever their musical dream might be, our musicians have the expertise and experience to help realise it.

Sound it OUt

6 Somerleyton Road

Web: www.sounditout.org
Email: hello@sounditout.org
Tel: 07989982509

We are a new community music partnership for Lambeth. We run week-long programmes of free afternoon workshops aimed at 13-19 year olds, where young people can experiment, collaborate, create and perform their own music guided by experience facilitators, with all equipment provided, and then perform it at a live free event. Workshops include beatboxing, lyrics and rapping skills, writing and recording your music, sound engineering, drumming, guitar, bass and much more.

SWeet! - Streatham Wells Recorder Consort

50 Palace Road

Web: www.streathamwells.org.uk
Email: netty@dircon.co.uk
Tel: 02086839068

SWeet! - Streatham Wells Recorder Consort - performs a huge variety of music on many different sizes of recorder. Sessions last for 90 minutes every week, during which we take a half hour techniques class and an hour long ensemble session. Just like an athlete in training, we each practise for 15-30 minutes every day, so our skills are always improving. We perform together regularly and we go on group trips to festivals involving the recorder, and to hear professional recorder players. Our tutor holds MMus (RCM) in recorder performance and performs professionally. The cost for SWeet! is £25 per term but there are bursaries available for students in genuine financial need. If you are in Year 4 or above at a Lambeth school, have had at least one year of recorder tuition (including all class tuition like MX PLAY!), and you love the recorder, please apply to join us! Initial inquiries to netty@dircon.co.uk or Streatham Wells Primary School, 50 Palace Road, London SW2 3NJ

The Royal Opera House

Bow St

Web: www.roh.org.uk
Email: welcomeperformances@roh.org.uk
Tel: 020 7212 9416

The Royal Opera, under the direction of Antonio Pappano, is one of the world’s leading opera companies. We are currently inviting families from Lambeth and Westminster to unique, family-friendly, introductory performances of ballet and opera with pre-show activities, giving families the chance to attend world class productions for a fraction of the usual cost. Our Welcome Performance of L'Elisir D'Amore (The Love Potion) for Families is on 22 November at 3pm Suitable for ages 7+ Tickets for £5, £10, £15 and £20 (saving up to £140 over top price seats!) Tickets include access to a morning of fun, free activities from 11am; •Dress up in fabulous costumes from our operas and ballets •Try your hand at designing a stage set with Royal Opera House designers •Find out the secrets of our amazing building(*limited backstage tour tickets only) •Enjoy lots of live music and the chance to ‘Have a go’ with instruments •Meet the people who make our Costumes, Wigs, Hats

National Children's Orchestras of Great Britian

57 Buckingham Road
BS24 9BG

Web: www.nco.org.uk
Email: s.campen@nco.org.uk
Tel: 01934418855

The National Children’s Orchestras of Great Britain provides young people with a world-class foundation for orchestral performance and musicianship. We bring together hundreds of 7-13 year olds from across the country and offer them a life-changing experience – meeting like-minded people and being guided by top professional musicians. As well as creating a safe, stimulating environment in which to explore and enhance their skills and passions, our friendly residential courses also help to broaden the social development of our young musicians. The NCO has performed in a wide variety of concert venues, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, and promises audiences an entertaining and uplifting performance. Passionate about music, our musicians aspire to the highest standards. Welcome to the next generation of world-class music professionals.

Southbank Centre

Belvedere Rd

Web: www.southbankcentre.co.uk
Email: annie.sheen@southbankcentre.co.uk
Tel: (0)20 7960 4200

Southbank Centre directly manages the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Purcell Room, The Saison Poetry Library (housing the Arts Council Collection) and the Hayward Gallery. Southbank Centre encompasses all of these venues and the surrounding 21-acre site. Southbank Centre hosts a range of arts including jazz, rock, classical, folk and world music, the visual arts, literature and contemporary dance. The Hayward Touring exhibition programme is also based on the South Bank and administered by the Board on behalf of Arts Council of England. Our vision is to be the world's most inspiring centre for the arts. Our mission is to draw everyone possible to this loved site and captivate them through our unique arts programme and the warmth of our welcome.

Tomorrow's Warriors Ltd

73 Canning Road Harrow

Web: www.tomorrowswarriors.org
Email: info@tomorrowswarriors.org
Tel: 020 8424 2807

Tomorrow’s Warriors is a leading organisation in UK music education boasting an ever-growing list of top jazz musicians to have graduated through their programmes – Soweto Kinch, Denys Baptiste, Jason Yarde, Robert Mitchell , Empirical, Peter Edwards and this year’s MOBO award winner, Zara McFarlane. Based at the Southbank Centre, Tomorrow’s Warriors run a weekend open access programme for young musicians, supporting musicians with very little experience, challenging those who are more advanced, and mentoring exceptional musicians. The Tomorrow’s Warriors approach is focused on helping young people discover their magic through jazz, and raising their aspirations. The programme has a particular focus on encouraging musicians from BAME backgrounds and girls. It is also focused on passing on the history and culture of jazz as the basis of contemporary music, and on reconnecting the black community to its roots in jazz.

HMDT Music

Second Floor, 22 Alderman Hill
N13 4PN

Web: www.hmdt.org.uk
Email: info@hmdt.org.uk
Tel: 020 8882 8825

Twice winner of the Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Education, HMDT Music is a leader in developing inspiring arts projects which support other areas of learning. Working with world class artists and leading experts, HMDT increases access to high quality musical experiences by commissioning new performance works, developing resources, creating enduring partnerships and sustaining an extensive outreach programme to schools and communities. Core training programmes such as The Saturday Programme including The Julian Joseph Jazz Academy, underpin projects like Trench Brothers, commemorating ethnic minority soldiers in WW1; Shadowball, celebrating achievements of black baseball players and their jazz compatriots in 1930s USA and Hear Our Voice introducing the Holocaust through children's writings written at the time. These projects alongside One Spirit (rehabilitation & mentoring for young offenders), help raise aspirations, enrich experiences, increase skills and transform lives.

English National Opera

Lilian Baylis House, 165 Broadhurst Gardens

Web: eno.org
Email: rcarr@eno.org
Tel: 02076328484

ENO Baylis offers learning opportunities to all ages, access for people who would not normally consider opera and enriching experiences for audiences. We also nurture careers of creative British talent and support research and development for the future of the art-form.