About The Lambeth Music Network

“Schools … will be expected to provide high quality music education.”
“Schools cannot be expected to do all that is required of music education alone: a music infrastructure that transcends schools is necessary. Building on the work of local authority music services, this will be provided by music education hubs from September 2012”

Statements of Intent

1. Collaboration: involves cooperation in which parties are not necessarily bound contractually. There is a relationship but it is usually less formal than a binding legal contract and responsibilities may not be shared equally. A collaboration exists when people come together to pool their common interests, knowledge and skills to promote broader interests; in the case of music education hubs, to invest in a collaborative approach with outcomes for pupils at its core. The online facility generates documentation and communication that supports collaboration

2. Funding: identifying a small amount of money to support the administration of the Lambeth Music Network. While we hope to work cost-effectively with partners to expand opportunities for Lambeth’s young people, there is no intention at this stage that money will be redistributed amongst partners. As you know, partners are expected to contribute what they can to the development of the Network and to music education in the borough.

Delivery Partners

A deliverer of music education in Lambeth

Funding Partners

A grant giving organization that supports (or could support) music education in Lambeth

Commercial Partners

A provider of goods or services to support music education

Strategic Partners

Supports others to deliver music education in Lambeth